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We are happy to advise you. In order to always be able to offer you the best possible service, we are constantly expanding our retailer network. All employees, as well as all authorised dealers, receive regular training in order to thus be able to pass the latest knowledge on to you. In addition, they are also your contact person for product-specific questions after the purchase.

At the same time, of course, we also offer you a central service. Starting from over-the-phone advice about the individual versions in the key range through to our expert phone line for use and treatment questions.

Your distributors:

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Our worldwide distributors:

United Kingdom:
Raymond Francis
0207 467 8536

Nancy De Vos
06 18739268

Thomas Boll
071 888 70 70

Borut Krasna
70 799 804

China, HK & Macau:
Phillip Fei Hou
+852 8121 0989

Dr. Ayman Oun
071 888 70 70

Ayman Elhefnawi
9022 198321

Chris Mortensen
02 998 154 07

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