Treatment (physiokey)

physiokey is used for patients in all age groups with a wide variety of symptoms. The handy device stimulates self-regulation through biofeedback-controlled impulses. The effect on the vegetative nervous system and thus on the body's own adjustment and regulatory processes strengthens the body’s defence and shows the body a route to self-healing. The aim of the therapy is rapid pain relief and improvement in function. For the first time, physiokey unites two established methods of therapy: a modified form of iontophoresis can be created, the so-called “key phoresis”. Thereby, the use of an external agent (creams and salves) becomes even more efficient. In the process, the physiokey is mobile and ready for use anywhere thanks to its size and the high performance battery.

Physiokey small device
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3 types of treatment

physiokey combines three application forms in one device.

physiokey Icon bioregulation


In this setting, the physiokey works with bi-directional and adapted impulses. A total of 11 further special programmes are available here.

physiokey Icon Diagnostik


In diagnostic mode, the physiokey shows you where a therapy promises the best possible chances of success using numerical values.

physiokey Icon Keyphorese


Keyphoresis is a type of iontophoresis and allows for the use of acidic and alkali external products.

Areas of application

For therapists of many disciplines

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Adaptation in micro-second range: functional principle

The adaptive and regulatory way in which the physiokey works is produced by constant skin and tissue resistance measurements. As a result, each signal individually adapts to the present state of the body. The form and duration of the therapy is regulated by the patient themselves. The effect on the vegetative nervous system and thus on the body's own adjustment and regulatory processes strengthens the body’s defence and shows the body a route to self-healing.

More than 80% of patients notice a significant change in their symptoms after treatment. Users report an improvement in the tensile state of the muscles. The rapid reduction of soft tissue swelling could be observed in a large number of patients. Here, it is likely that there is quicker lymph drainage as a result of the special impulse technology.

1. Impulse application

The first application of an impulse occurs as soon as the physiokey comes into contact with the skin. If there is no skin contact, the device emits no signals.


to the physiokey

4. Impulse interpretation and adjustment

The “response reaction” is measured by the physiokey within microseconds. The next impulse application is adapted to this “body response”.

pyhsiokey Funktionsübersicht

2. Impulse absorption

However, this impulse only goes tenths of a millimetre under the skin.


3. Impulse transmission

Once the impulse is absorbed through the skin, the information is transmitted into the body.


A tried-and-tested therapeutic method for therapist in many fields

Thousands of your colleagues are convinced

On the market since 2014, 1000s of your colleagues have already convinced themselves of the effectiveness of this therapeutic method. Hospitals are also numerous among the users, just like registered doctors of many different specialties, as well as alternative practitioners and physical therapists. The physiokey is particularly well established in sports therapy. All other references can be found here.

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