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    The physiokey revolutionizes a therapy that has proven millions of times since its introduction. The physiokey has become the new “must have” for clinics and doctor’s offices (practices).

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    The physiokey is ready for using at once and incorporates perfectly in your daily routine. Bioadaptive impulse therapy can be combined with your proven and implemented therapies.

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    … is there to advance your knowledge in electrical therapy with physiokey. Open to professional users only!

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highly versatile

In daily practice

physiokey is used for patients of all ages with a wide variety of symptoms. For both acute and chronic indications.

On visits or house calls

The physiokey fits in every pocket. Once charged, the high-quality lithium ion battery allows it to be used over a long period.

Mobile use

The physiokey is ready for immediate use in top level sport. Thanks to the high material quality, the robust device can be used anywhere.


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The physiokey bio-adaptive impulse therapy generates a sort of “dialogue” with the body which takes place in microseconds. You can find out more about how it works here.

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The intuitive handling and the various interchangeable heads are as practice-oriented as possible. You can find all of the operating and device properties here.

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Optimise your treatment success with the knowledge that you gain from our seminars and workshops. You can find training courses in your area here.

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We are at your service. Our team will help you with questions about the product, as well as about the use itself.
Please contact us.

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Eintracht Frankfurt, SV Darmstadt, DLV, u.v.m.

The physiokey has made a name for itself in top level sport. Therapists for well-known teams rely on the handy device. The innovative system performs astoundingly well in sport, as well as in regular daily practice: more than 80% of patients notice a significant change in their symptoms after treatment. Users report an improvement in the tensile state of the muscles. The rapid reduction of soft tissue swelling could be observed in a large number of patients. Here, it is likely that there is quicker lymph drainage as a result of the special impulse technology.

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ISO 13485

Monitored medical technology

Keytec has dedicated itself to supreme standards in its quality management. Regular audits supervising the product quality are carried out by TÜV Süd as the appointed authority. The result of these strict controls is certification in accordance with ISO 13485 for the European market.

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Made in Germany

Our motto is “Made and certified in Germany”. The entire key series is developed and produced in Germany. The goal was to perform high-teach medical development with 15 years of know-how, medical supervision and a sense of aesthetics. The result of the collaboration between experienced doctors, engineers and designers is a device made up of more than 150 individual parts and which combines technology and ergonomics.