Unique in design and function

physiokey das Gerät

Physiokey Icon Laufzeitapprox. 6h operating period
Physiokey Icon DisplayColour display 3,5“
Physiokey Icon ISOISO 13485
Physiokey Icon TouchTouch Control
Physiokey Icon USBUSB Recharge
Physiokey Icon ServiceService telephone

Operation & menu navigation

Doctors and designers worked together closely to develop a device shape which is as perfect as possible. Specialist interface designers also developed an operating concept which makes the physiokey intuitive. Learn more here in a video.


Just how you need it!

The physiokey is equipped with an interchangeable electrode head. This makes it as flexible as possible. It has a round interchangeable head as standard. Other interchangeable heads can be attached using a click mechanism. The physiokey can therefore be adapted according to the treatment you want to perform. In order to be as flexible as possible, most users thus rely on the professional set.

Physiokey Zubehör

2430,00 €
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Interchangeable heads

Physiokey Zubehör Matrix


The matrix interchangeable head is the right choice for treatments of the myofacial system and for connective tissue therapies in general.

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Physiokey Zubehör Highpro


The highpro interchangeable head, with its rectangular shape, is perfect for precise measurement results without missing an area in the process.

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Physiokey Zubehör Kamm


The comb interchangeable head consists of 41 rounded teeth which allow for perfect skin contact even in hairy areas and animal fur.

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Physiokey Zubehör Trigger


The trigger interchangeable head is used, as its name suggests, primarily in the region of ingrained trigger points. At the same time, it is ideal for measuring muscles. Thanks to its shape, it also reaches even the smallest structures.

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Physiokey Zubehör Connecto


The connector allows the electrodes from the previous model to be connected. A variant of it allows adhesive pads and textile electrodes to be connected.

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Physiokey Zubehör Ladestation

Charging station

The charging station offers a safe position for storing your physiokey. In addition, the battery is always optimally charged here, so that your physiokey is always ready to use.

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Physiokey Zubehör Transportkoffer


This high quality case stands ready to safely transport your physiokey, as well as all interchangeable heads and the charging station with mains plug.

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Available in the professional set

The professional set includes all of the interchangeable heads listed above. The charging station with mains plug and case are also included in the scope of delivery. All with a saving of €147.- compared to the price if bought individually.

The professional set includes:
  • Matrix (attachment)
  • Trigger (attachment)
  • Comb (attachment)
  • Conncetor (attachment)
  • Highpro (attachment)
  • physiokey
  • charging cable
  • base station
  • carrying case
  • instruction manual

2.950,00 €
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instead 3078,00 €

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Dimension and technical data


dimensions: 185 x 51 x 28 mm (L x W x H)
weight: 150g
connection: USB
charging voltage: 5V +/- 0,5V max.
Charging time: approx. 180 min
Typical operating period 6h (depending on the mode)
Physiokey Gerät
Scope of delivery:

Physiokey with standard interchangeable head, base station, charging cable, explanatory DVD and instruction manual

2430,00 €
(incl. Tax)

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